Adult Yoga Classes


The Breathing Space has a fully comprehensive program of adults only yoga classes. From traditional Ashtanga, Dynamic Flow and slower, more restorative classes, there is something to suit everyones needs. We have classes for complete beginners, and even 'yoga starter packs' to literally, get you started, or if you are a yoga regular, we have more advanced classes scheduled to deepen your practice. Please see below for more details of each yoga style:


Founded by K. Pattabhi Jois. of Mysore, Ashtanga Yoga is a physically demanding practicing, with a set series of movements. This style encourages the breath to deepen and be used as a metronome throughout the practice. This is a great way to strengthen and tone the body simultaneously. 

dynamic flow

Dynamic flow or Vinyasa flow is a sequence of yoga movements put together to create a fun and fluent routine. These routines can suit a specific purpose; an example of this is a 'back bends' flow, 'shoulder opener' flow, 'hip opener' flow etc. Prepare to sweat in dynamic and Vinyasa classes; as we twist, bend and balance the body, we move toxins into the lymphatic system and expel them through our pours.  


Do not underestimate the power of restorative yoga. Holding positions for a length of time is incredibly beneficial, not just to lengthen the muscles and grow in strength, but to also strengthen the connective tissues around joints and allow time to deepen into the postures. During this type, the student has more time to connect to their breath and feel a greater sense of mind, body union. Restorative is recommended to everyone, from athletes to people with physical and mental limitations, and uses plenty of props to settle comfortably into the sequences.


Meditation, Mantras and Pranayama


The stress and tension we face in modern society has a detrimental impact on both the mind and the body. Meditation is a powerful tool, to help restore mental and physical peace through stillness and the ability to reflect inwards (Svadhyaya). We hold a series of guided meditation classes, allowing the students to have a one-pointed focus, calming you from daily worries and the endless dialogue of the noisy mind. 


As we honour the source of yoga, Mantra workshops pop up in our timetables giving an interesting insight into the healing powers of Sanskrit. These mantras (songs) invigorate the throat chakra (Vishudda) and send positive vibrations throughout the body. Each mantra has a different meaning; some resonate more than others and were used in place of medicine in ancient India. 


Otherwise known as rhythmic breathing techniques, we develop control of the breath and rejuvenate and revitalise the body, balancing emotions and create a focused inner thinking. Prana (meaning life force energy) is developed over time and can be used as a tool on or off the mat when feeling emotional or stressed. Pranayama appears in all of The Breathing Space Yoga classes.

Kids yoga

Learning how to connect the body to the mind through the breath is a brilliant tool to have at a young age. We hold a range of yoga classes from creative classes for children aged 4+, yoga for Teens and a specialised series of classes for yoga for GCSE students; increasing concentration and eliminating exam stress.