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Luxury Egyptian  Yoga Retreat: May 2019

Join me on a luxury retreat to the heart of the ancient world at The Dew House, Alexandria. All food included, 2x yoga classes, excursions and time to relax in by the glorious pool or in the on-site spa! Details to follow shortly. 


I n h a l e ,  E x h a l e ,  R e p e a t.


Bendy Brunch #2

Detox and re-energise with a 60 min Vinyasa Flow followed by a chanting workshop and delicious brunch prepared by Hayley Caine.


Upcoming Workshops


the Sun salutation secrets
11th NOVEMBER 2018

Surya Namaskar, otherwise known as 'Sun Salutation' is a traditional sequence in yoga flow with huge spiritual and physical significance. As the most common sequence and the easiest to fall into bad habits, we break down the sequence and variations step by step along with a hand out of the sequence to take away with you and practice at home.


Illuminate your chakras with our chakra series. This course is 7 weeks long, focusing on one chakra per session. Along with Indian incense, mantras and sequences allowing us to channel energy into each energy centre, we invigorate the lymphatic system and break through physical and emotional blockages, from the root to the crown.


Indian Magic: A Night of Ashtanga and authentic Indian cuisine  

We are taking the #feelgoodfriday to the next level with our Friday night supper clubs. A combination of relaxation, meditation and developing our mobility, complimented with delicious food and great company. Not your average night out! 


Reconnect with yourself

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